What is Performance Management?

Performance Management (PM) is a sequence of well-integrated activities that are aligned with and optimize the effective and efficient delivery of solid business and organizational results. Each component of PM ensures the direct application of talent to the mission-critical elements of the organization’s performance.

The Question

Is it possible for an organization to deliver tangible, impactful, and sustained results that inspire customer satisfaction and promote talent recruitment and retention through performance management?

The Challenge

As a corporate executive, elected/appointed governmental official, non-profit executive, or owner of a privately owned business, you’re likely to have increasingly scarce resources to invest in your performance management programming. Such programming can be simplified, maintaining a clear direction and addressing real needs that encourage your best performers to stay with the organization. The best leaders recognize that it is critical to your success, competiveness, and profitability to inspire and sustain both employee performance programs and customer-responsive service.

The Solution

The answer is a qualified “yes.” For those select organizational leaders who recognize their power and possess a unique willingness to examine their organization’s current performance, everything is possible. Increasingly, executives encounter a smorgasbord of quick-fix, “flavor-of-the-month” professional development buzzwords. While these latest books and gimmicks may seem short-cuts to greatness, most companies find themselves disappointed by wasted effort, rather than an investment in solid, long-term solutions. If you do not currently understand or have the fullest confidence in your current performance management programming as an integral part of your vision and mission, then perhaps it is time to explore that picture more thoroughly. A return to the basics of what your organization seeks to do better than any of its competitors involves a simple and effective conversation with experienced practitioners who are highly skilled in helping you and others in your organization obtain uncommon clarity. The results will facilitate a much clearer and more purposeful integrated performance management program that will set your organization apart as “best in class” and facilitate the recruitment and retention of the top talent in your field.

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